By Federico Zukefeld / Loreto Garin Guzmán: Errorist Laboratory / Methodology No work / No-shop

The No work-No shop is a experimental laboratory focused on the use of artistic
strategies in the public space, through „trial and error“ with the intent to further the
debate and the experiences of collective creation, which enable the development of
critical thinking and reflection on social issues, artistic mediums and culture.
The No-Work No-Shop, is a space for non-consumptive development of artistic
experience. It builds on an group initiative, based on the problems or concerns that
participant bring to the laboratory, contextualizing specific problems. It develops from
the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and results usually are anti productive

experiences: a drift erratically through the city, institution or machine, through an action
or a particular work.
It’s „extra-disciplinary and erratic“, using different languages, depending on the context
in which the intervention occurs. Des-educational experience for all those who are
involved in the experience. Used as tools of theater, performance, video and other
disciplines, taking the „error, err, and fail,“ as a form of inspiration to create and develop
their own proposals without fear of failure or make mistakes.
The results of the workshops are often a platform for generating provocative actions,
videos, sound, manifestos and collective transformations, which make the workshop
experience itself.


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